Hi Guys! Time to Juice Cleanse!!

Screenshot_2015-05-02-04-07-27~2.  It’s that time of year…. Bikini season!!! Ahhhh!!

All will be OK, stay calm, and maybe try a juice cleanse. It’ll help flatten that belly!!

Try to do more veggies than fruit. Fruit has a lot of natural sugar. I prefer beetroot, kale, spinach, brocolli, lemon, & ginger. This is a great liver flush!! I have to do this weekly!

If u want just greens with a great source of antioxidants try: spinach, kale, celery, cucumber & broccoli. Great to flush out any impurities and increase your immunity.

Another great tip, try a shot of lemon & ginger juice sprinkle with cayenne pepper & 5 drops of oil of oregano.  Amazing benefits include; speeds up metabolism, curbs appetite, & the lemon & ginger are great at feeding the fountain of youth!!

Good luck on juicing and post any questions or comments you have.  Let’s see who gets a great start on bikini season first 😉


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