It’s a beautiful day!

I find the best way to cure depression is to get outside, explore nature and feel alive. Let negative thoughts erase from your mind. Just smiling releases natural endorphines to keep you happy!

I recently just left a toxic relationship.  I kept trying to prove to him how happy of a person I normally am, and how in the works could he not see that?  After months and months of falling into a deep depression, baring these insecurities, I had an epiphany!  He is a miserable person, full of insecurities that he hasn’t come to terms with and as they say, “Misery loves company.”

I was constantly trying to do whatever it took to make him happy and keep him happy.  Not realizing, he had made the choice to live life that way.  Anything I did wasn’t going to change his outlook.  Meanwhile, I was dying inside.  I was hating the way I felt about my relationship, my life, and myself.

Now I’m growing everyday, staying positive by surrounding myself by positive influences.   It has been a struggle ending this toxic relationship, but only good can come from me bettering myself and my life!  I’m a work in progress!  Aren’t we all, really?

Your homework:

Put a smile on someone’s face today. Challenge: Try doing it to a complete stranger!



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