If you’re an Angelino and haven’t been living under a rock, you know that every April is Coachella month. 2 weekends out of the month are dedicated to the love of music, art, people, etc…. Some people get crazy and come back not remembering the weekend too well, while others take it all in…at a cool pace.  There’s private parties to attend, great bands to see all day long and good things to buy, eat and drink of course!

I chose to stay at the Marriott Palm Desert, only 15 miles from the venue, where shuttles took us to and from, which was much easier than uber or driving yourself.  Some people choose to campout all weekend (no thanks) and some probably sleep in their cars. I’m spoiled and need the cleanliness and comfort of a hotel.  Now staying at even an average to above average hotel is gonna cost ya!!  We paid about $500/night +$60/shuttle (all weekend).  Your ticket into Coachella will range anywhere from $350-$2000, depending on GA or VIP & VIP +.   Many people go to before and after parties like the famous Neon Carnival.  Expensive add-on but worth it!!

My best advice is to stay well hydrated, the desert isn’t forgiving!  Bring sunblock & shades!  Also, don’t forget your ID and even some cash because not all booths are card friendly. Always come with a buddy.

This isn’t the place to come alone or hope to meet up with someone.  Once you’re inside the venue, you’ll never find anyone you’re looking for and your phone won’t probably have the best reception either.

Most importantly enjoy yourself.  I sure did!!!



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