Europe 2016

Liver sisters!! Most beautiful soul

I have had the pleasure to travel the globe once again. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t travel the world. I crave culture and new experiences. Recently going through a divorce, I treated myself to a European vacation to feel free and rediscover the old me. I gave up most things that I loved being in a very unhealthy relationship. It went on much too long. Now it was time to treat “me” to things that I love.

I began my travel from Los Angeles to Paris and from Paris to England. Once I leave England, I will go to Rome. I’m actually on my trip as I write this blog!

My main stop was my sister-in-law’s house to meet her & her beautiful family. Although my ex and I didn’t work out, it doesn’t mean I can’t still love his family. His sister Louise and I are similar souls and truly have a special bond. She welcomed me into her home in Matlock, Derbyshire. Matlock is such a beautiful city. Bright green, rolling hills with stone English manors throughout, make up this exceptional place. Her children (and my niece and nephews) Alex, Mitchell and Hannah made my visit even better. Matthew her husband has the best sense of humor and kept me laughing constantly. Julie and Alwyn are her (and my ex’s) parents and were a complete delight. Family is so important. I will always consider them family.

After visiting Louise, I went to Birmingham to visit my extremely close, gorgeous soulmate, and liver transplant sister Vickie. Yep! We BOTH had a liver transplant. Born with 2 rare conditions, caused us to need a transplant nearly around the same time. She actually had her’s on my birthday! What are the odds? She found me on Instagram waaaaay across the pond! The distance didn’t stop us. We shared our common reasons and messaged each other almost daily. She got me through my extremely painful divorce, also having an ex with the same name as mine, also experiencing similar pain caused by the men in our lives, but also having the same caring traits. When you find a real, true friend like that, you never let them go. She is absolutely amazing. Her words of wisdom have made me cry. Our connection is so rare. I’m happy to know her and her beautiful husband Ian, daughter Ayla, mother Tracie, sister Lilly and brother Alex. They all accepted me and loved me as though I was family. Wow!! What an unbelievable experience I’ve had here.

Tomorrow I leave for Rome, Italy. Please stay tuned for more pictures to follow.


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